NAKPRO ARC5 is a Nano Talc, which has gone through our Surface Modification Treatment. It is a rhombus shaped Talc which has a very low oil absorption levels. 

As compared to similar products which has more than 50 % particles below 1 micron levels. This has been achieved because of its unique particle structure, which we have engineered. 

Benefits of Using NAKPRO

Better Dispersion Rate – As NAKPRO particles are rhombus in shape, they incorporate themselves faster in the compound / formulation. This saves time as the dispersion rate is faster than normal 10 micron Talc.

UV Stabilizer – NAKPRO has an excellent UV absorption rates which makes it a very good UV Stabilizer. Secondly it is a natural mineral, which makes it ideal to replace the Heavy Metal compounds which are being used as UV Stabilizer.

Works as Anti Settling Agent – NAKPRO has more than 47% particles under the range of 1 Microns and more than 30% particles are below 0.5 Microns, these high concentration of Nano Particles helps in keeping the pigment suspended in the formulation.

Dirt Pickup Resistance – As the presence of Nano Particles are high in NAKPRO, its particles has very low surface energy. Hence after the application or compounding its particles usually occupy the outer layer. Since its shape is uniform the surface of the product also has an even texture. This smooth surface does not allow dirt to settle on to its surface.