Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings


One of the main challenges in processing mined natural mineral is to achieve consistent shade and whiteness. This is due to naturally occurring variations inside the stone. NGF has developed processes to identify the colour variations right from the mining pit. The material is sorted and segregated there and then bought for processing at the units, where once again the crude is checked for variation. We are able to manufacture talc extenders with high consistency in whiteness and tinting strength. This ensures that the paint colour is reproduced accurately every time.

Scrub Resistance

Dusting and scrubbing is a problem with high PVC paints. At NGF, we have studied this effect in relation to the particle shape of the Talc Ore. Our unique blend of Platy and Rhombus particle shape Talc extenders makes a very fine wire mesh structure, which holds the paint film together thus improving the scrub resistance in high PVC paints.

Stain Blocking

When manufacturing high durability Paints for exterior coatings, the extenders should also assist the resins to maintain there protective properties. Extreme care is required in selecting the Particle Structure of Talc so as to block stains or to assist Dirt Pick Up Resistance. The particles should have self alignment properties. Our ARCSIL 10 Talc has Nano Particles of Lamellar Structure. In coatings, they act as a barrier against dirt and water molecules, thus protecting the surface below it.

Pigment Reduction

Tint is required to bring out the desired colour in the front and hiding the colour of the surface on which it has been applied on. TiO2 has very high tinting strength but it only comes in white shade. So, in Colour Coatings, where pigment is added, the formulation must account for the tinting strength of TiO2. NGF’s NAKSIL 10 and NAKSIL ARC 7 provides excellent white tint but it also uses lesser amount of Pigment to achieve the shade colour, thus reducing the Pigment Consumption and also brings the cost of formulation down.